RAGNAROCK is a new national, historical museum and cultural greenhouse in Roskilde, which focuses on music and youth culture. The exhibition is made of interactive and digital installations, which activates almost all senses.
The museum is situated in the creative quarter, Musicon, and offers lots of exciting lectures, activities and concerts, and in the foyer there is always free access to spot exhibitions, the workshop, the museum shop and the delicious restaurant.
The music has traditionally been the young people's voice and has created a breeding ground for political views, technologies, language trends, media and fashion. Inspired by the music, RAGNAROCK will depict and convey how young people through time have moved borders and influenced society through music and youth culture.
RAGNAROCK tells the story about the first youth generation who self-consciously and visionary created an agenda-setting generation who communicated globally beyond geographical and social boundaries through rock music.
RAGNAROCK tells the story of the youth cultures development and changing musical styles up until today and will follow and document the development in the future.
RAGNAROCK conveys the enormous impact that youth culture has had - and still has - on society, and the museum will lead the visitor into this kaleidoscopic music universe.
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Opening hours

01-04-2017 - 23-12-2017
Tuesday & Thursday - Sunday: 10:00 - 17:00


Rabalderstræde 16
4000 Roskilde