Frequently Asked Questions

We've divided the questions into six categories: Attractions, Benefits, General Questions, Transport, Activation and Validation and Copenhagen Card-app.

Here, you can find answers to questions on topics like card-activation, where you can travel, how to bring your kids for free, how to use the card - and much more. If you can't find an answer to your question here, please find help right here.


You can visit as many attractions in a day as you wish, there is no limit! However, please note that the Copenhagen Card entitles the cardholder to one visit per attraction regardless of the card type. I.e., re-visits are not possible.

No, you cannot visit the same attraction several times. The cardholder is entitled to one visit per attraction regardless of the card type. I.e., re-visits are not possible.

No, you cannot skip the queues. You must get your COPENHAGEN CARD scanned at each attraction.

Home of Carlsberg & Church of Our Saviour both require pre-booking. You can find the pre-booking links on the attraction's site the Copenhagen Card app or on their page on the website.

At Home of Carlsberg you must enter your ticket number when booking. NB: this can only be done after you activated your Copenhagen Card.

Rosenborg Castle requires you to obtain a time slot by going there and getting a same-day ticket.

You cannot pre-book The Canal Tours online. However, if you want to be sure of getting a specific timeslot, you can stop by their box-office at Ved Stranden and pre-book there upon arrival.

Please only pre-book ONE timeslot per guest.

You are welcome to enter an attraction when your card is just about to expire and stay for as long as you please.


COPENHAGEN CARD - DISCOVER® provides access to 80+ top attractions such as the Tivoli Gardens, Canal Tours Copenhagen, Louisiana Museum, Kronborg Castle, Copenhagen Zoo, and many more.

COPENHAGEN CARD - HOP® includes access to 40+ attractions in central Copenhagen.

You can find the complete list of attractions included in the COPENHAGEN CARD here.

COPENHAGEN CARD provides great savings for visitors in Copenhagen. You always get free admission to museums and attractions in and around Copenhagen and free unlimited transport

You can choose between two different types of COPENHAGEN CARD. Either Discover or Hop.

  • Discover includes access to 80+ attractions and free public transportation in the entire Capital Region. 
  • Hop includes access to 40+ attractions and unlimited use of Hop On - Hop Off buses.

You can always bring two children under 12 years FOR FREE! Note: remember to order kid's cards when purchasing the adult card.

Yes, each adult carrying a Copenhagen Card ADULT can, free of charge, bring up to two children between the ages of 3 -11 for free. This includes both entry for attractions and public transport.

Please note that children between the ages of 3-11 must have a free Copenhagen Card KIDS (max. two per adult) which must be ordered while purchasing the adult card. Children between 12-15 must get a Copenhagen Card JUNIOR.

Infants between 0 - 2 do not need a card to get in for free.

Yes, with the COPENHAGEN CARD - DISCOVER you can travel as much as you like in the Capital Region (zones 1 - 99) with public transport as long as your Copenhagen Card-Discover is valid.

Yes, they are included in COPENHAGEN CARD - HOP. You can use all three routes as much as you like as long as your card is valid.

Please be aware that the buses only are accessible with HOP.

NB: There are several Hop On - Hop Off operators in Copenhagen. COPENHAGEN CARD-HOP works with the operator Stromma - the city's main bus operator.

You can see which buses to look for here.

General questions

You can easily preorder you Copenhagen Card through our website and app.

  • If you purchase through the website you will receive an order number in your email. To redeem the card in the app you enter the order number. The card(s) will then appear ready for activation.
  • If you purchase through the app the card will appear immediately - ready for activation.

Please remember to activate your card before entering an attraction/public transport. The hours start counting from time of activation.

Please start by checking the spam-folder in your e-mail. Often the confirmations get caught in these filters.

If you cannot find it in the spam-folder then please write an email to [email protected], and we will resend your order confirmation. 

An adult with a Copenhagen Card can bring up to two children between the ages of 3 - 11 free of charge with Copenhagen Card KIDS. Two adults can bring up to four children for free.

If you have more than two children between the age of 3 and 11, the remaining children must have a Copenhagen Card JUNIOR.

Infants between 0 and 2 do not need their own card.

Please order the kid's card(s) when purchasing the adult card.

A disabled individual (adult or junior) holding a Copenhagen Card can bring an attendant (adult or junior) free of charge. The disabled person must get a Copenhagen Card.

There is no need to provide a handicap ID when ordering the Copenhagen Card. However, the disabled individual must bring their handicap ID (in English) or legal documents explaining the need of bringing an attendant and must be prepared to show it upon request.

If you have bought a digital Copenhagen Card, the card automatically expires two years from the date of purchase.

As per our terms and conditions, should you not have the possibility to redeem your card(s) within the given period, we offer a full refund within six months from the date of the purchase. If your Copenhagen Card is about to expire and you do not have the possibility to redeem the card, nor can you claim a full refund due to the six months having passed, you can get your card exchanged for a new one with a longer expiration date once. It can be exchanged within one year from the date of the purchase. You can read more about our Terms & Conditions here.

An active COPENHAGEN CARD - DISCOVER® grants you access to 80+ attractions in both the City Center and the entire Capital Region. Additionally, it includes unlimited public transport in zone 1-99, meaning that you can use both trains, the metro, buses and habor buses. You can get to all the included attractions via public transport. We recommend using publictransport.dk to plan your trip. 

An active COPENHAGEN CARD - HOP® grants you access to 40+ attractions in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg. It also includes unlimited transport with Stromma's Hop On - HOP Off buses, that (depending on the season) includes up to 3 routes, all containing an interesting audioguide. 

You can get a free replacement card in case your card is lost or stolen. Replacement cards are not offered for Copenhagen Cards that are not purchased via copenhagencard.com.

Your free replacement card can be obtained at Copenhagen Visitor Service.

No. You can only use the COPENHAGEN CARD through the app.

You can get fined for using screenshots.


It is included in the COPENHAGEN CARD - DISCOVER, when the card is valid and activated. DISCOVER covers all public transportation forms between the city and Copenhagen Airport.

You get free unlimited public transport in the Copenhagen region (zone 1-99), which includes Copenhagen Airport (zone 4). 

Airport-transportation is NOT included in HOP.

No. Malmö is not part of the Copenhagen region and is not covered by the Copenhagen Card.

Yes, the Copenhagen Card-DISCOVER includes unlimited public transportation in the entire Copenhagen region (zone 1-99), which includes trains to Roskilde, Hillerød, and Elsinore. The card must be valid and active during the whole trip.

It is important that your Copenhagen Card is valid throughout the entire journey, whether travelling by bus, train, harbor bus, or metro.

It is your responsibility to make sure that the card is valid and does not expire mid-journey.

No. Simply make sure you have an activated and valid Copenhagen Card and keep it on you throughout the entire journey. Onboard buses, however, present you card to the driver.

You must show your Copenhagen Card upon request by a ticket inspector.

Activation and validation

Buy your card via our app and activate it easily with a simple click. Go to “My cards” or push the green QR-logo, after which you will see your COPENHAGEN CARD. Push the activate button and swipe “activate”. Note that it can't be undone as soon as you have activated your card.

If you have bought your card via our website, you must first enter the order reference received in your order confirmation to redeem the card in the app. Then, you are ready to activate it.

After activating the card, the card is valid for exactly 24, 48, 72, 96, or 120 hours, depending on which type of card you purchased.

If you activate a 24-hour card at 10 am on a Tuesday, it expires at 9:59 am Wednesday.

Dont worry. Please contact our support team at [email protected] and give us your reference number and the number of the activated card. We will help you cancel the card. 

It is not possible to extend the validity of your COPENHAGEN CARD. If you find out you need to add more hours you will have to get a new card with the needed amount of hours.

When you activate your COPENHAGEN CARD the hours on the card start counting. This makes it very important not to activate the card until you are in Copenhagen and ready to start using the card.

Your card must be activated before you can visit attractions/use the transportation.

Please notice that you can redeem the card on your phone in advance - without activating it.

No. It is absolutely no problem. BUT please remember to check your phone's time-settings upon arrival in Denmark. Make sure your phone is set to Danish time (Central European Time) before activating your COPENHAGEN CARD.

If not, you may risk loosing hours on your card.

Copenhagen Card app

Please check whether you have already redeemed your card(s). Please go to “My cards” or push the green QR logo, after which you will see your Copenhagen Card.

Otherwise please don't hesitate to contact us.

If you are experiencing problems buying a Copenhagen Card directly in the app, please check the following: 

  • Do you have internet access?
  • Do you have the latest version of the Copenhagen Card app and the phone software
  • Close and restart the app
  • Not all credit cards are accepted, only VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, and American Express. Please try another card and see if it works.
  • If you are still experiencing app-problems, you can always get a Copenhagen Card via our website www.copenhagencard.com

If you cannot redeem your digital COPENHAGEN CARD, try one of the following:

  • Check your internet access.
  • Check if you have written your order reference correctly. Sometimes, a 0 can look like an O, or a L can look like an I.
  • Check if you have the latest version of the app and phone software.
  • Close and restart the app.

If none of the above hacks works, we encourage you to contact our support.

To transfer please follow these steps:

  • Go to “My cards”
  • Press “Transfer card” and follow the instructions.
  • Your companion(s) must go to “Menu” in their app and press “Receive card”
  • Then, a QR code will appear. Scan the QR code and confirm the transfer.

If you are part of a smaller group and plan to stay together throughout your stay, it won’t be a problem to have multiple cards on one phone.

If you want to transfer a card to your travel companion, please note that a card can only be transferred once.

If you plan on staying together with your travel companions throughout the whole trip, it is no problem having all the cards on one phone. You can find your COPENHAGEN CARDs by clicking on "My Cards". The COPENHAGEN CARDs are placed here on a horizontal list. Swipe your finger to the left to find the remaining cards.

If you are planning on splitting up during your trip and have redeemed all your cards on one phone, you can transfer the cards to another smartphone. Please note, that you can only transfer a card once!

Yes. You do only need internet when you redeem the card and when you activate it. We recommend that you use WiFi from your hotel/host for doing this.

As soon as your Copenhagen Card is activated you can turn on flight mode and use the app offline. You do not need internet for using the card on public transportation nor for visiting attractions.